Morstrong Winter Covers

Your swimming pool is a good investment, don't let leaves and other debris clog up the skimmers

  • Covers made to any shape or size
  • Generous overlap included
  • Stainless steel springs & pins
  • Double stitched seams throughout
  • 4 year guarantee
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For those with outdoor pools, when the summer is finally over it is time to close down your pool until spring. If you don't fit a winter cover at this time then your pool is likely to fill with garden debris, leaves, and other damaging objects which may well clog up the filtration system and considerably stain the lining of the pool. All of this could cost serious money to put right, but perhaps more of a concern is that your pool will look unattractive and possibly dangerous to household pets and other livestock.

The Morstrong Winter Cover from Morelands will not only keep your pool clean and ready for when you want to open it up in spring, it will keep out all of that unwanted debris and make it safe to pets and presentable right throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons.

The Morstrong cover is made from a very fine woven mesh fabric which is steam pressed to give it a superb flat appearance but at the same time allowing rain water to seep through gradually. The cover has double folds and twin stitching at all seam points for additional strength.

Choose from 3 styles

All made to measure and to your specification.

The Morstrong Classic

The Morstrong classic is available in Blue or Green and has double thickness webbing stitched all around the edge. It includes double corner fixings which will provide for a better fit.

The Morstrong Criss-Cross

The Morstrong Criss-Cross is made exactly as the classic but includes a super strength webbing which is stitched on top of the cover in a criss cross pattern (see photograph).

The Morstrong Coverlon

The Morstrong Coverlon is made in the USA. The Coverlon is made by using a computer design. It has criss-cross style webbing throughout, but the webbing is stitched both top and bottom of the cover. The Coverlon is supplied with brass deck anchors and stainless steel springs.

How to order

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