Morelands Special Edge Finishes

For Solar Blankets & Heat Retention Covers

  • Fully Hemmed Edges
  • Reinforced tail
  • Reinforced sleeves
  • Leading edge towing systems
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We know from years of experience that the most vulnerable part of your new cover is at the edge. That's why we offer a range of edge finishes that not only give the blanket or cover that tailored look, but also make the cover much stronger. Morelands materials these days are indeed very strong, but perhaps after some years of continued use a reinforced or stitched edge will help to avoid damage and make blanket last much longer.

Morelands Reinforced Tail Edge

FREE on all Motherm Solar Blankets

Full Stitched Hemming

Full hemming makes the blanket or cover look finished, We use a woven polyethylene fabric and this is double stitched usually right around the perimeter of the cover. Before you choose this method you must be sure of the exact size of your pool since the cover or blnket can not be trimmed on site.

Morelands Reinforced sleeve

The sleeve is a low cost addition to your blanket or cover. It is factory stitched to the edge of the cover at the time of manufacture, and is large enough to insert a plastic pipe or timber batten to assist with towing.

How to order

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