Mortherm 400mu Solar Blankets

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  • 4 year guarantee
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The Mortherm 400mu was introduced in 1979. It is still our best selling blanket to this day.

Mortherm Solar Blankets are made from a very special blend of the highest grade polyethylene fabric. Without doubt they are tremendous value for money and include a unique 4 year guarantee*

Because Mortherm is made from only the finest quality polyethylene, the blanket will lay flat as possible on your pool* That is essential to transmit maximum solar energy.

So how does Mortherm work?

Mortherm Solar blankets are no secret, they have been saving money for our customers for years. If you use your Mortherm solar blanket whenever your pool is not in use - on outdoor pools, it will collect heat from the sun's rays and pass this heat directly through the specially formed air cells into your pool.

Making the water warmer right from the first time you use it!

On cloudy days or at night your Mortherm solar blanket will act as a vapour barrier trapping the transmitted heat inside your pool thus reducing heat loss considerably.

  • Reduce Heat Loss
  • Reduce Evaporation
  • Save on Pool Chemicals
  • Save Money

All Mortherm Solar Blankets include a Special Reinforced Edge absolutely FREE*

We know from experience that the most vulnerable part of your blanket is at the edge, that's why we include our special reinforced edge on all our blankets.

We will be delighted to send you a sample of Mortherm 400mu so that you can feel the quality for yourself.

How to order

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