The Universal Safety Cover

Have you ever considered just how safe your pool really is? Of course like most pool owners if there has never been an accident then it is fair to assume that the pool is as safe as can be, but is it? - It's better to be sure.

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  • No major structural work needed
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Until now most good safety covers meant that unless it was installed at the time your pool was built it had to have some form of permanent track device running along the side of the pool. The paving slabs would have to come up which all added up to a fairly costly sum.

The Universal Safety Cover** from Bieri in Switzerland is now available from Morelands Direct. It does not need a track or indeed any other form of permanent fixture. It is installed in minutes without any structural work other than drilling a few securing holes and "it's safe"** The Universal is self supported with a series of aluminium poles which are hidden within the covers body, on rectangular pools these are not visible (Mark 1) and the cover when under tension looks superb - just like a well made traditional winter cover.

The Universal is not expensive

Compared to most other types of safety cover the Universal is not expensive. That's because it does not need expensive hydraulic motors to operate. Most covers of this type are only used twice a day at the most, so why pay for an expensive electronic motor or other hydraulics to operate it when the Universal can be removed so quickly in a matter of minutes. The main body of the cover is made from tough PVC coated polyester fibre it is protected by ultra violet light inhibitors and resistant to microbial attack.

** The cover is designed to offer safety against accidents to children and small pets. In order to fulfil this obligation the cover must be fitted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. It should be checked and serviced periodically. The pool copings or surround must be firmly fixed. At no time should anyone be allowed to sit, jump or walk on the cover when the pool is closed.

How to order

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