Mortherm 500mu & 600mu Solar Blankets

  • 24% Better Heat Retention
  • Metallic Backed Solar Blankets
  • 4 year guarantee*
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Whichever grade of Mortherm you choose, you can be certain that you will be getting the finest value for money possible. All Mortherm solar blankets work in the same way by transmitting the sun's rays through the special cells in the blanket helping to raise the pool temperature by up to 12 degrees in season.

However at night, some cheaper blankets may work in reverse by losing some of that heat to a dark clear sky. Mortherm 500mu & Mortherm 600mu have a special metallic back and will reflect otherwise lost heat back into the pool

Saving on heat loss during season

Save on heat loss graph

A good blanket will gradually build up heat in the pool during season, but to a clear dark sky some translucent blankets can work in reverse. Mortherm 400mu is an excellent blanket, but the Mortherm 500mu and 600mu blankets will reflect otherwise lost heat back into the pool saving up to a massive 24% heat loss.

Life expectancy & value for money

Life expectancy graph

Life expectancy & value for money. Table takes into consideration Solar gain, Heat retention and life expectancy. It presumes that the cover is used correctly and in accordance with manufacturers recommendation and that the pool is maintained, heated & sanitized correctly.

Offering up to 24% better heat retention

Special reinforced edge is FREE on all Mortherm solar blankets

How to order

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