Morelands Heat Retention Covers

An indoor swimming pool without a cover, is like a house without a roof

  • Used for indoor pools or pools in shaded areas
  • 4 year guarantee
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If your swimming pool is indoors, or in a shaded area where perhaps solar gain is restricted, then you might wish to consider the heat retaining properties of a Heat Retention Cover, rather than a Solar Blanket.

Morelands heat retention covers are tremendous value for money. They will considerably reduce evaporation which is caused when the cooler ambient air temperature comes directly into contact with the warmer pool water, reducing evaporation saving on heat loss and saving money. They will also reduce the risk of serious damage to pool equipment such as furniture, light fittings, and more importantly damage to building structure.

Morelands Heat Retention Covers are excellent value

Heat Retention Cover graph

Life expectancy & value for money. Table takes into consideration Heat loss, life expectancy and value for money in terms of payback when compared to having no cover. It presumes that the cover is used correctly and in accordance with manufacturers recommendation and that the pool is maintained, heated & sanitized correctly. Calculations are based on average use of gas heated pool which is covered for at least 12 hours daylight.

Morelands offer two types of Heat retention covers both with tough reinforced laminated top surfaces...


Is manufactured from a 400mu bubble fabric which contains ultra violet light inhibitors and is then heat laminated to a strong woven polyethylene top surface.

Super Morweave

Is made from a 6mm closed cell PE foam which is laminated between a strong woven top sheet and a clear protective under skin. Super Morweave will be rolled like a carpet for delivery.

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