Automatic Storage Reels

Introducing the Auto-Morola

  • Safe 24v operating system
  • Remote Control
  • Heavy Duty 10 gauge barrel
  • Aluminium and GRP weather Shield
  • Easy to install
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The Auto-Morola is a fully automatic unit which sits at the end of the pool just like any manual storage reel. It is operated by remote control and will wind in your cover automatically* and will disperse the cover back onto the pool when you have finished swimming. The whole operation is very simple and easy to do, and by one person.

There are no pulleys or any need to have the paving lifted to install the Auto-Morola, in fact installation is very simple indeed. If ordering with a new cover then this will be fitted to the Auto-Morola before it leaves the factory, and all limit switches will be set.

You will need a 240v supply in the plant room to which the control box can be installed. The control box includes a transformer and power is provided to the unit by a 7 core cable which is included.

Full pictorial fitting instructions are included but we would recommend a qualified electrician install the unit for you.

Because there are no pulleys or underground connections the cover will need some guidance when being floated out. WE recommend the Morglyde (Link to special edges) be fitted to the edge of the cover for one person operation. When winding in the cover may move slightly to one side but this can very simply be corrected.

How to order

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