How to order

Our staff have years of experience and will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Once you know what you want to order, just download, print out and complete our order form and place your order by Fax or Postal Mail.

Download the Order Form.

Alternatively, you can call us to place an order on 01937 364063 on 07702 051790 if the office is unattended.

Payment can be made by Cheque or Credit Card.

Measuring your swimming Pool

To make sure you get your order form correct and your chosen product fits your swimming pool, here is a quick guide on how to measure your swimming pool.

Solar Blankets and Heat Retention Covers

If your pool is rectangular then all we need are the length and the width. If there is a Roman end section and you prefer your new cover to be in one piece, then just tell us where the Roman end is, the size probably 5' or 6' radius, check the two shoulders to make sure that it is in the centre. Equally if your pool has a walk in step section just let us have the measurement and we will make it to suit. If your pool has step ladders then we can make special reinforced slits in the blanket so that it sits nice and flat on the pool water.

Shaped /Freeform pools

The best way to make for a perfect fit if your pool is other than rectangle, is to take a measurement of both the length and width which encompasses the entire shape. We would then suggest that the cover is made for you as a rectangle and that you trip it yourself on site. This is very simple and can easily be done with a pair household scissors. We can of course shape the cover for you if you have a good drawing.

Winter Debris Covers

Measure the pool in exactly the same way as described above. We will add 2' (600mm) to each dimension so that the cover completely fits the pool. Winter Covers can not be trimmed on site, so if the pool is not rectangular then you will need to take some other measurements, but we will be happy to assist and tell you exactly how to do it. (we have an easy guide to measuring shaped pools) Just ask.

Swimming Pool Liners

If you still have the original drawing from which your pool was constructed, then we can make the new liner from that (depending on the construction type) But we do have a simple measuring chart which we can send you if you prefer. WE can give you a quotation from the length and width.

Storage reels

Manual storage reels are available in 2 sizes both of which are adjustable. All we need to know is the width of your pool and we will supply the correct sized reel.